Al Dau Heights


Project Description:  ON THE RED SEA RIVIERA
The Red Sea Riviera extends along approximately 300 km of sandy where Hurghada occupies 50 km of this coastline and has evolved as the most vibrant city in this destination. Hurghada is situated on a promontory, with about 30 small islands that are surrounded by coral reefs. The attraction of this region lies in its magnificent underwater world, the beaches and the turquoise blue sea. Thanks to the ideal water temperatures, the sea is rich in fascinating corals and beautiful fish.

The town itself, nowadays, counts a population of about 80,000. The booming construction activity in the former fishing village is still undampened. Hurghada consists of the old town center at the harbor, called “Sakalla”, in which the Egyptian daily life takes place, with brisk business of the vegetable and fruit salesmen, meat and bread sellers, and in the typical Egyptian cafes, snack bars and restaurants. In New Hurghada, in the north known as “Downtown” or “Dahar”, there is a police station, post office, telephone office, shops, bars, coffee shops and some discos. The nightlife, however, mostly takes place within the hotels or in discotheques and bars along the touristic promenade called “Memsha” and the New Marina Located in Sakalla. Well worth seeing are especially the religious buildings has about 30 mosques and Coptic churches.

Surrounded by the Arabian Desert, roads lead from Hurghada directly to Cairo, Luxor and Suez. Meanwhile, Hurghada International Airport receives regular and charter flights from several International destinations and domestic cities.

Al Dau Heights is centrally located in the heart of the city of Hurghada within walking distance from the pedestrian Touristic Promenade and a few steps away from the breathtaking Red Sea beaches. Hurghada International Airport, Lately expanded*, is a four kilometers drive from Al Dau Heights, while Hurghada International Harbor is approximately nine kilometers away.

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